About the Mary Beth

The Mary Beth Hotel and Gallery is a new short-term rental in the Central Business District of New Orleans, Louisiana. Conceived by Robert “X” Fogarty and Beau Baudier, The Mary Beth Hotel is an ode to deliberate design and architectural preservation. Having stood in disrepair for several years, the creation of this 6 unit hotel has been a labor of love and anticipation.

This space is named in the memory of Robert’s mother, Mary Beth Schmidt Fogarty, who took her own life in 2001. Mary Beth was a prolific artist, and left behind nearly 1000 of her paintings, which reside with her children and many of her friends.

The Mary Beth Hotel is not just a place to stay; it’s a haven for art and creativity. The hotel’s walls showcase the works of over 15 local artists, reflecting the essence of Mary Beth’s work and philosophy: she possessed a compulsion for creation and believed in the power of art as a force of connection.

In its inaugural year, The Mary Beth Hotel seeks to define itself as an arts-driven sanctuary for its guests and creators. In the coming years, we anticipate the space evolving into a dynamic hub for artistic expression.